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The Core Vision

The Core is an upcoming hospitality lounge that features a cocktail bar, salon, boutique, fitness studio, and work and event space in Everett, Washington. The Core welcomes all and offers additional perks and discounts to members.


The Core is committed to creating and maintaining an environment for those seeking a fun, sustainable, and practical lifestyle. We value time, happiness, and efforts to improve your quality of life.


The Core is not just a place to go for a drink, service, or product; it’s a lifestyle choice for those who understand that while we may not be able to have it all, we can certainly get close and relax while doing it.

We are looking for:

  • Businesses and individuals looking for a place to work or convene outside the home or office.

  • Pacific Northwest distilleries, wineries, and breweries, especially those owned by women and people of color.

  • Bartenders, especially those seeking more ownership and opportunity within a company.

  • Local food and beverage companies, specifically those owned by women and people of color looking for space to market, test, and sell their products.

  • A diverse set of stylists and estheticians with a passion for human rights and an open and welcoming attitude toward all types of hair and body types and lifestyles.

  • Pacific Northwest hair, skin, nail, and makeup products that are sustainable and effective.

  • Future employees who value and excel in high-level hospitality, relaxation, and service.

  • Pacific Northwest products created and sold by women and people of color with an eye toward practicality and sustainability.

  • Future employees who value and excel in high-level hospitality, service, and product review and promotion.

  • Dance, yoga, and other group class fitness leaders who are engaging, welcoming, and respectful of all fitness levels and body types.

  • Pacific Northwest fitness products, especially those by women and people of color.

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